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Social Feed

Implements a class and admin interface to pull information from various social networks into a single cached stream of data based on user preferences (i.e. location, hashtag, particular users, search query).

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Events 2

A very fast (performance wise) events system that supports recurring events and a powerful class for pulling events into the front end of your site. Version 2.0 is only compatible with BigTree 4.2.22 and later and is not compatible with existing Events 1.x data.

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Advanced Callout Field Types

This extension implements two field types: Predefiend Callouts — Allows you to choose individual callouts to prefill a callout area. You can optionally turn on or off dragability and the option to add more callouts from other groups. Inline Callout Set — Allows you to choose individual callouts to prefill a callout area but the callouts are drawn inline with section headers that you specify rather than in a dialog.

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Link Finder

A field type that allows a user to begin typing and find links to existing pages and files on the site through a search interface.

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Coordinates Field Type

Draws a Google Map that lets you drop a marker to choose a latitude and longitude. The result is stored in a JSON array. This field type also implements a text box for searching via address and returning a marker.

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