Media Gallery Field Type

This extension contains a field type which allows a user to enter either photos or videos from YouTube or Vimeo. It also allows for additional fields to be added (i.e. caption, description, etc) similar to the Matrix field type.

YouTube video support requires the YouTube API to be setup in BigTree.

version 1.6.1

What's Included

A field type for creating media galleries. Galleries can be configured to have any number of additional fields (like a Matrix) as well as cropped thumbnails for videos and photos. Each field can also be configured to turn off photos or videos (so you can have a strictly video gallery or a strictly photo gallery).

This field type also supports limits (another advantage over the standard photo gallery even if you don't need video support).

Developer Notes

You must enable & configure the YouTube API in the Developer -> Services section to use this field type.

This field type requires BigTree 4.2.7 or newer.

Release Notes

1.6.1 brings over the latest fixes for video processing from BigTree 4.4.6

1.6 adds support for BigTree 4.3 and makes YouTube work (although less than ideally) without the YouTube API connected.

1.5.1 fixes adding local videos.

1.5 fixes manually uploaded videos (now called Local videos) as well as the edit screen for YouTube/Vimeo videos.

1.4.6 fixes an error in the video field type which prevented the value from being removed.

1.4.5 fixes video data loss when used in a callout or matrix and the entry was unchanged.

1.4.4 fixes media presets not working (thanks to Jordan Mason)


Current Version
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