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Form Builder

An easy to use form builder allowing the administrative users to easily add fields to a form that stores entries in the database and sends out emails. Also supports paid forms.

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Video Field

A field type that allows a user to input a YouTube or Vimeo URL. The field will grab the video's thumbnail image and allow you to create thumbnails and crops as well as storing the service type, video ID, URL, and embed code. Version 1.1 supports the YouTube v3 API. The v2 API which allowed non-authenticated calls has been turned off.

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Reusable Callouts

Implements a module that allows users to create reusable callouts and a field type allowing end users to choose a pre-created callout when adding callouts.

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Advanced Callout Field Types

This extension implements two field types: Predefiend Callouts — Allows you to choose individual callouts to prefill a callout area. You can optionally turn on or off dragability and the option to add more callouts from other groups. Inline Callout Set — Allows you to choose individual callouts to prefill a callout area but the callouts are drawn inline with section headers that you specify rather than in a dialog.

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Link Finder

A field type that allows a user to begin typing and find links to existing pages and files on the site through a search interface.

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