BigTree is built on PHP and MySQL and uses basic PHP and HTML for content presentation—no new languages to learn.

  • Plays Well With Others

    Non-blocking/nestable sites allows other apps to live inside your site.

  • PHP Templates

    Develop however you want—the CMS won't get in the way.

  • DRY

    BigTree's core eliminates tedious repetition of frequently-used functions.

  • Complete Code/Site Control.

    Only assets specified by you are served to your pages. BigTree doesn't add anything.


  • Powerful Core

    Fast, lightweight core capable of powering multiple sites and millions of hits per day.

  • Page Speed

    Resource caching/minification for increased page speed.

  • Data Caching

    Full data caching for Enterprise performance.

Media Management

  • Image Management

    Control where images and files are stored and who has access to given folders.

  • Custom Image Sizing

    Control image sizing through the WYSIWYG.

  • Retina Image Support
  • Image Cropping
  • Image Thumbnails
  • Grayscale Image Conversion

Content Strategy

  • Content Governance

    BigTree allows you to assign a life span to the specific section or page content. Automatic email alerts will be sent out to designated users when content is approaching its refresh requirement age, and a color coded system will be triggered within the system for a visual alert.

  • Integrated Analytics

    Content creators have convenient access to monthly page views for pages within the system, ensuring focus on important, highly-trafficked content. Additionally, these data points can indicate early problems within a site's architecture and high or low performing areas of the site.

Field Types

  • Full WYSIWYG

    For editing in a word-processor-like setting.

  • Simple WYSIWYG

    Enables a more simple subset of WYSIWYG features.

  • Photo Gallery

    Allows for multiple images to be uploaded, captioned, and reordered using drag-and-drop.

  • Static List

    Select from a set of options predefined by the developer.

  • Database-Populated List

    Select from a set of options populated dynamically from the database.

  • Date-Picker

    Simple calendar widget.

  • Array of Items

    List of items, each with multiple fields.

  • Text

    For single-line text entry.

  • Text-Area

    For multi-line plain text entry.

  • Upload

    File uploads and image manipulation.

  • Checkbox


Sample Site

  • Flexible Content Template

    The sample site includes a flexible content template ready to create any page you can image. Built in navigation and sub-navigation drawing routines, cropped images with captions, headlines and a WYSIWYG area are all included in the default content template.

  • Blog Engine

    A powerful blog engine that includes authors linked directly to logins, tagged posts, categorized posts, previewing, publishing, and Disqus integration.

  • Twitter Feeds

    The included Twitter API allows you to easily pull in the latest tweets from your account to display anywhere.


  • Site Integrity Report

    Find broken links in your site in an easy-to-use report broken down by content type.

  • 404 Report

    Find missing files or pages, and automatically create redirects for them within the module.

  • Front-End Toolbar

    Provides quick access to edit page content directly from the front of the site via the toolbar.

  • In-Page Editing

    Using the toolbar, make edits to content directly on the page you are viewing within the browser.


  • Advanced Page Tree

    Create, manage, and deploy unlimited pages and site branches.

  • Modules

    Publish flexible content in any format with predefined fields for users.

  • Customizable URLs

    Ensure human readable, user friendly addresses throughout the site.

  • Page Versioning and History

    Automatically save all revisions of a page in the past month (or the last 10 changes for pages that are not frequently changed). Manually save revisions as favorites to keep them around indefinitely.

  • SEO-Friendly WYSIWYG

    Integration with TinyMCE ensures you can customize the built-in WYSIWYG editor to have everything you need—and nothing you don't—included in the toolset.

  • Future Publishing

    Set the date for pages to go live in the future, streamlining content management.

  • Content Expiration

    Set a date for content to expire and be deactivated from the site.

  • Daily Digest Emails

    Opt-in to Daily Digest emails that let you know about content that's awaiting publication, content that's expired, and messages that are waiting for you in the message center.

  • Previews

    Preview your changes before publishing them.


  • Service APIs

    Integrate social feeds into your site with Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, and Flickr. Include a comments section with Disqus. And manage customer relations with Salesforce

  • Payment Gateways

    Process payments through PayPal's REST API, Payflow Gateway, or Payments Pro; Authorize.Net; and First Data and LinkPoint.

  • Geocoding

    Geocode addresses using Google, Bing, MapQuest, Yahoo, or Yahoo BOSS

  • Cloud Storage

    Host your uploaded assets via Rackspace Cloud or Amazon S3 with built in support for Cloud Storage.

  • Analytics

    Using Google Analytics, display your site's traffic directly in the admin

  • Twitter
  • Instagram


  • Editor

    Assign users as "Editors," ensuring they can contribute to the site, but all edits or changes must be approved by a designated "Publisher" before they can go live.

  • Publisher

    Assign users as "Publishers," allowing them more control over the site. Publishers can edit content and instantaneously push updates live to the site.

  • Developer

    Assign users as "Developers," giving them the most access to BigTree, including the toolset within the Developer tab.

  • Fine Grained Controls

    Assign users as "Editors" to some sections and "Publishers" to others. You can also strictly control the modules to which a user has access. Users only see the modules they have access to when they log into BigTree's admin area.


  • RSS & Customizable Feeds