BigTree users at institutions big and small have raved about how helpful BigTree is. The basic feature set is intuitive and dependable, and the unique features built to benefit publication schedules, content governance, and SEO optimization will quickly become indispensable.



Intuitive Interface

Developer, administrator, or end-user — no matter your role, BigTree is designed to be a pleasure to use.


Integrated Analytics

Using Google Analytics, you can display your site’s traffic directly in the admin dashboard.


Keep Content Fresh

Scheduled content publication and expiration dates let you automate changes. Customizable content age alerts gently remind you when a specific page or feature is getting old.


Editorial Workflow

BigTree’s user system is designed for a single webmaster or large distributed teams. Users can be editors or publishers of a single page or the entire site.


Edit In-Page

Using the toolbar, make edits to content directly on the page you are viewing within the browser.

Before the launch of the new website we were on a Drupal platform and there was literally one person in our organization who was able to update the site. One. So this site is beautiful and well-executed and a major step for us, but I can tell you, the improvements on the back-end are as fundamental and significant as the front end. Our adoption of BigTree has dramatically improved our content creation and content curation capabilities at Mount Vernon. It’s really been a huge enabler of the content which fuels the site.

Robert Shenk

Senior Vice President, Visitor Engagement, George Washington's Mount Vernon