Choosing BigTree

How does BigTree CMS stack up against the competition?

We think it's the best, but don't take our word for it. BigTree CMS was recently ranked in the Top 50 CMS platforms available within the industry.

How many other people are using BigTree CMS?

While we don't require a registration of BigTree for downloading it, we can share that over 7,000 people have dowloaded the most recent version of BigTree, and the forum has over 700 active users. 

What are other people saying about BigTree CMS?

Installing BigTree

I'm seeing a page with broken styles or a 500 error after installing BigTree, what's up?

Many shared hosts have issues with .htaccess files. We have a section dedicated to some common platforms for installing BigTree where issues are known available here. If you're running into issues with your chosen host we're happy to help on the forum.

Using BigTree
Developing in BigTree

Can I use BigTree on an IIS server?

Yes, but it has been only lightly tested for IIS 7 and 8. If you are using BigTree on an IIS server and run across any issues, please submit an issue on GitHub.

Still, your best bet for full support with BigTree is a Linux server, running Apache with PHP 5.3 or higher, with 'mysql' or 'mysqli', and 'gd' modules enabled. For full requirements, please see our installation page in the Developer Guide.

Can I use BigTree with a nginx web server?

Yes, BigTree will work on an ngninx environment but does not come with out of the box support. You'll need to add directives to either your global nginx configuration file or your virtual host as laid out here.