BigTree was built to eliminate the tedious aspects of making websites, allowing developers to spend more time solving the unique and interesting problems in a project. We really believe that a developer's tool set needs to be flexible and efficient and adapt to their preferred way of working.



Develop Freely

BigTree allows you write standard HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP. There’s no proprietary markup or templating language to learn.


Code Control

Only assets specified by you are served to your pages. BigTree doesn’t add anything.


Sensible Database

BigTree utilizes a logical table structure, SQL best practices and JSON-encoded data to store your content.


Payment Gateways

Process payments through PayPal’s REST API, Payflow Gateway, or Payments Pro; Authorize.Net; and First Data and LinkPoint.


Service APIs

Integrate social feeds into your site with Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, and Flickr. Include a comments section with Disqus. And manage customer relations with Salesforce


Trees of Large Sizes