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Multiple levels of routed templates..

If you are not in the sewing industry, or learn about design, you will have a lot of difficulties distinguishing fabrics or the characteristics of fabrics, regardless of the quality of the fabric. Because nowadays technology to develop counterfeit goods is also made extremely sophisticated to deceive consumers. Therefore, our birch company will help you distinguish the quality of fabric in the most simple and effective way so you can buy quality fabric curtains https://thietkerem.vn/phan-biet-vai-rem/
1.Why do we have to identify fabric quality?

First: the curtain is the material and the main structure is the fabric, the quality of the fabric will determine the aesthetics, and the value of the curtain
Monday: Currently on the market is a lot of poor quality fabrics, fake goods of poor quality are "enchanted" to blend into high quality items to deceive consumers who do not have knowledgeable about fabrics for profit  https://www.deviantart.com/remvaibachdu … e/18077246
Third: if you buy a curtain with poor quality fabric, you have just lost a good amount of money but multiplied by a curtain of poor quality, not satisfied, easily damaged, quickly fading.https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1000436941645127680
Wednesday: not only choosing the curtain, the knowledge of fabric we bring to you also helps you a lot in your life such as choosing clothing fabrics, choosing blankets ...
2. What kind of fabrics do we need to know?
On the market today there are countless fabrics made from many different sources of raw materials. But most of the fabrics used in designing and sewing are used fabrics such as: coarse cloth, burlap, brocade, glossy, silk, velvet ...
Silk fabric
Silk fabrics belong to the type of natural fibers: natural fabrics are woven from natural fibers, mainly human-grown plants, to exploit textile fibers such as jute, hemp, flax, etc. Cotton fabric ..., this is the main fiber used by our people for thousands of years.
In addition, natural fibers for fabric are not only derived from plants but also derived from animals such as cocoons, animal hair ...

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Re: Multiple levels of routed templates..

You'd need to do some fairly complicated URL route checking in your default.php to have multiple depth levels like that. You'd want to first check the length of $bigtree["commands"] to see if it is 2. If so you'd check $bigtree["commands"][1] for the route of the photo. You'd then look up the category based on that route. Then you'd look up the parent category based on $bigtree["commands"][0] and make sure that the parent category matches the parent category of $bigtree["commands"][1]. If you support depths even deeper than that you'd just want to iterate down the array verify the parent is correct (and exists) and if not you'd call $cms->catch404(); to trigger the 404 page (to prevent random URLs from being indexed by Google).

After all the verification is done, you'd just draw your category page based on whatever the last command is.

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