#2 Re: Bug Reports » Out of box install has no CSS files (only LESS files) » September 6, 2019 7:29am

OK got it.

The bug - if it is a bug - is with the default "site routing" choice. Perhaps it is a combination of that with my particular host (inmotionhosting.com) but I don't think so. I think if you leave the default setting - then certain things aren't happening after install, the most obvious of which is the CSS file is not compiled. At this point even if you add in the .htaccess files manually, it still doesn't resolve the problem.

In the instructions:
https://www.bigtreecms.org/developers/d … tallation/

There is a very brief mention of site routing:

Site Routing

    You may choose what type of routing you would like to use for your BigTree site.

But it doesn't even mention the 3 options, or why you might choose one or the other, and also what potential issues you might encounter. So I think this part of installation instructions could be improved a bit - if someone on the project team responds, I can even take a pass at it.

For me, normally if I encountered an issue like this, I would just abandon and search for another codebase, assuming the code is just old/unsupported/not working.

#3 Re: Bug Reports » Out of box install has no CSS files (only LESS files) » September 6, 2019 6:57am

OK I found this: https://www.bigtreecms.org/about/help/

I'm seeing a page with broken styles or a 500 error after installing BigTree, what's up?

Many shared hosts have issues with .htaccess files. We have a section dedicated to some common platforms for installing BigTree where issues are known available here. If you're running into issues with your chosen host we're happy to help on the forum.

But actually, the problem doesn't seem to be with my host. When I unzip the archive, I'm not seeing an .htaccess file inside. And if it is generated upon install... I'm not seeing any .htaccess files having been created on the server. I have the File Manager settings turned on to show hidden files, I can see them in other web directories (like Wordpress).

#4 Bug Reports » Out of box install has no CSS files (only LESS files) » September 6, 2019 6:49am

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I installed BigTree 4.4.6 successfully, and had it populate the demo site.

When the site loads, there are 404s for SITE.CSS, SITE.JS, and MODERNIZR.JS.

When I go in the file manager and browse to the /site/css, there are only 3 files there: COMMON.LESS, FORMS.LESS, and MAIN.LESS.

But the site index page is pointing to /SITE/CSS/SITE.CSS.

Trying to figure it out now, browsing through the documentation - but wanted to report it anyway in case this is a new issue with the latest version, as I don't see it mentioned in any prior forum posts.

-- Ben

#5 Re: Developer Help » Blank page for site and admin after install » September 6, 2019 6:45am

FWIW - this won't be super helpful to you, but when "white screen" issues happen with open-source PHP packages, it's usually some kind of error that can be found in the logs. So if you search for something like "how do i find my php error log" you might be able to find a specific error causing the whitescreen.

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