#1 August 25, 2019 2:17pm

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Blank page for site and admin after install

I have installed this and after the success page telling me what the front end and backend URL's are, I am just getting white, blank pages for both.

I saw another post on this but that seemed to be happening before installing.

Running PHP

Can anyone advise what to check?


#2 September 6, 2019 6:45am

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Re: Blank page for site and admin after install

FWIW - this won't be super helpful to you, but when "white screen" issues happen with open-source PHP packages, it's usually some kind of error that can be found in the logs. So if you search for something like "how do i find my php error log" you might be able to find a specific error causing the whitescreen.


#3 September 7, 2019 7:10am

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Re: Blank page for site and admin after install

If you view the source code does it show anything? If it shows PHP tags then PHP isn't processing correctly. If they are entirely white it's some kind of server error and benbakelaar is right that you'd need to check the error logs to see what's going on.


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