Embeddable Forms share most of the same properties and features as regular forms. If you have not already read the Forms Documentation, please do so first.

The distinct properties of embeddable forms are as follows:

  • Title — While normal forms also have a title, embeddable forms do not have a related module action. The Title field of an embeddable form is simply for reference when viewing your embeddable forms in the Developer area.
  • Thank You Message — After a user submits the form, this content will be displayed for them.
  • Custom CSS File — If you want to override the default BigTree styles for form fields you can provide a URL to a CSS file with overrides for the default styles.
  • Redirect URL — If you'd like to redirect to another URL after the user submits the form instead of displaying a Thank You Message, use this parameter.
  • Default Submissions to Pending — If you want user submissions to default to being entries in Pending Changes instead of rows in your table, enable this parameter. Pending entries will still show up in your module's views but will not be live content pulled into your front end.


After you have created an embeddable form you will be shown an embed code. This code is also visible when editing an embeddable form. This code can be dropped into any template and in some HTML Area interfaces. Embedded forms use iframes.