The Daily Digest emails that notify users of their pending changes and messages by default will be sent out once every 24 hours. There is one caveat: a user must access the admin in order for the emails to be sent out. Obviously, this is not ideal — but there is a solution: crond.

There are two things that happen once every 24 hours:

  1. Daily Digest emails are sent out.
  2. Google Analytics data is updated and cached.

If you don't have cron running them in the middle of the night, these can take some time when a user hits the admin and they have not occurred in the past 24 hours. Normally, Google Analytics caching can take up to 30 seconds (or more depending on the size of your site). To avoid this, setup a crontab entry that looks like this:

0    0    *    *   *    php -f /full/path/to/bigtree/core/cron.php

You will want to replace /full/path/to/bigtree/ with the location of the root directory of BigTree on your server. For the curious, the 0s represent the hour and minute to execute the command (12:00am) and the *s represent the day of the month, day of the week, and month of the year (every day).