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The BigTree Bar

The BigTree bar is a front-end hook to the admin. When you are logged in as a BigTree user, a collapsible toolbar will be inserted into the site:

Users are presented with two basic options for interacting with the current page, 'Edit Content' and 'View in BigTree.' Clicking the 'Edit Content' button will trigger a modal window that replicates the 'Content' tab of the 'Edit Page' form:

Here users can directly edit the current page's content without leaving the page. Both options, "Save[/img]
Clicking the 'View in BigTree' button should be self-explanatory, it simply takes the user to the "Edit Page[/img]
One thing to keep in mind when building your front end styles is that the BigTree bar is position: fixed and has a height of 40px. When the BigTree bar is opened, it will automatically add the class bigtree_bar_open as well as the inline style padding: 40px; to the  tag. If your site has any position: fixed; elements, like a fixed nav bar, simply style those elements accordingly:

#main_nav { left: 0; position: fixed; top: 0; width: 100%; }
.bigtree_bar_open #main_nav { top: 40px; }


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