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Edit Icon Disappears on Callouts

When editing callouts on a page, if you open one and then click the save button inside the callout the pencil "edit" icon for that callout disappears. The page must then be saved and reloaded for the pencil icon to appear again so that the callout can be edited.


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Re: Edit Icon Disappears on Callouts

This is currently the way it's meant to function. Because of the ability to have field types produce their own inputs/selects/textareas/etc the Callouts system actually moves all of the form data from the callout window into the form body on save. Retrieving that information again in a serialized format that callouts can understand is currently what I'd deem "distant future" functionality. It's most likely possible and we'd welcome a patch for that ability, but we haven't had an epiphany yet on an easy way to accomplish it smile When editing callouts that were previously saved I believe we read a base64 encoded JSON object that's stored with a callout_data class. We could probably do that encoding again on save but where it gets tricky is with things like file uploads. To preserve the not-yet-uploaded-but-selected file we would need to copy that input field back into the callout form (somehow) when it was edited again.


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