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Routed template headers

I'd like to create a variation of a FormBuilder template (a routed template) that doesn't include the default header include file from all the other pages. It seems like the "default.php" of a routed template starts after the header has already been included. (The documentation gives the impression that "default.php" would be a full HTML page, but it is clearly just the middle of the HTML page.)

What is the actual order of execution of templates in the case of a routed template, and how might one swap out a different header or footer file for a specific routed template?


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Re: Routed template headers

header.php will be included before the actual template code, while _footer.php will be included after. These will be included every time that routed template is requested. These headers and footers exist to help reduce repeated code; you should define modules and repeated variables once in the _header.

The actual order would be:

- header.php (if it exists)
- page.php (based on route; defaults to "default")
- _footer.php (if it exists)


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