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4.1 Migration Guide

BigTree 4.1's core for the most part is a drop-in replacement for BigTree 4.0. To update, simply copy the /core/ folder from the BigTree 4.1 installer zip and replace the existing /core/ folder in your existing installation. After replacing the /core/, visit your admin and login as a developer. You should receive a "BigTree has been updated to version 4.1" message indicating your database has been updated. It is recommended that you first do the update on your development site to ensure it goes smoothly. There are a few compatibility changes between 4.0 and 4.1:

Compatibility Changes

BigTree 4.1 uses a new package format in anticipation of a package repository to make sharing easier and the package contents more transparent. BigTree 4.0 packages are not compatible with BigTree 4.1. If you have important packages, you can install a clean install of BigTree 4.0.4 and install them, update to BigTree 4.1, and repackage them for install in BigTree 4.1+ environments.

Photo Processing
If you used any field types that relied on /core/admin/form-field-types/_photo-process.php, they will need to be updated to use the new BigTreeAdmin::processImageUpload method.

All filter and field processor code now occurs in a private function scope instead of the global scope. View filters now occur BEFORE field processors (you receive the raw data from the table now).

Third Party API Libraries
Amazon, Rackspace, and Google Analytics libraries have been replaced with custom BigTree specific libraries and are no longer included by default in /core/. If you relied upon those libraries, you will need to download them independently of BigTree.

Cloud Storage Revamp
All cloud storage services were rewritten from scratch to be faster and break less. Due to the rewrites, you will need to re-authenticate with Amazon S3 or Rackspace Cloud Files and choose your preferred storage solution again.

Configuration File Split
While BigTree 4.1 will still read /templates/config.php for backwards compatibility, the configuration settings are now split into /custom/settings.php and /custom/environment.php in new BigTree 4.1 installs. This enables you to keep your settings.php consistent between development and live environments.

PHP 5.3
BigTree 4.1 now requires PHP 5.3 or higher.

Static Caching Changes
If you were using the static caching in BigTree 4.0, you will need to update to a default /site/index.php from a BigTree 4.1 install.

Fuzzy getMatching
BigTreeModule's getMatching method now has fuzzy-matching support for falsey values. If pass in something that equates to false, it will match 0, NULL, or blank in the database.


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