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BigTree 4.0.4 Released

BigTree's 4.0 branch has been updated with the following bug fixes:

FIXED: BigTreeadmin::getPageAccessLevelByUser only working for the logged in user's permissions and made it more efficient.
FIXED: Missing focus highlighting on installer fields
FIXED: An issue that would cause user creation to fail in PHP 5.2
FIXED: Image Memory manipulation calculations to be more accurate (should now catch large images more frequently)
FIXED: Overlays disappearing when creating a file or folder in the file manager failed
FIXED: Module Designer not letting you delete fields from a form
FIXED: Publishing drafts not working.
FIXED: Missing retina icons for thumbnail / delete in the crops editor.
FIXED: Thumbnails and Crops attempting to be processed even if they were left blank.
FIXED: Checkbox bug in the installer and adjusted a few other things
FIXED: Unarchiving second level children
FIXED: replaceInternalPageLinks converting 0 or another falsey value to "" (thanks tamtt)
FIXED: Keyboard arrow usage in Firefox on custom select fields
FIXED: Daily Digest / Password Reset email issues in GMail and Outlook
FIXED: Front End Editor not showing up if for some reason iframes are display: something-other-than-block in the user CSS
FIXED: asp/aspx files being allowed as user uploads

It can be downloaded here:
http://www.bigtreecms.org/files/install … -4.0.4.zip


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