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Error message with bad UX / UI design


I'm in the admin panel, and I'm trying to create a new page. A fill out the nav title, and click publish, thinking everything else is optional, and the publish button is prominent.

I get an error message telling me some required fields aren't filled out, but none of the visible fields are highlighted, which is confusing. Editing pages with tabs is something people need to get used to (expecting them to migrate from drupal / wordpress et al), so it can be missed, and would lead to frustration.

- make the tab that contains the field highlighted as well
- make the next step button visually different, so that's the one people click before publishing

Aand that's pretty much it.


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Re: Error message with bad UX / UI design

Thanks for posting this! I believe I fixed this in the RC2 release but I could be wrong (it should now automatically scroll to the top and switch to the tab with the first error). You mentioned on Twitter that you were in the "Admin demo" — do you mean the demo at http://demo.bigtreecms.org/admin/ ? If that's the case, then it's my fault for not getting the demo site updated in quite some time (it's on beta 7, we're at RC2, and I've completely spaced on getting that updated!).

If you're actually running RC2 and running into this issue please let me know and I'll look into it more. Also, your suggestion to highlight the tabs that have errors is great and I'll try to implement that in the next release.


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