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New SKR Pro boards and TFT 35 screen

I have 3 new SKR Pro boards with TFT35 screens and have loaded a Bin file created by MPCNC  V1 Engineering for Marlin 3D printers.
They all act differently, and I need instructions to set them all to a fresh start with new flashing firmware.  Then I can see if there are any errors and make corrections.
All are set to 250000 baud,  MPCNC firmware.bin,  SD chip to flash,  2209 Drivers installed,  no end stops connected.  Should I format each chip and flash with a new copy of Marlin?  Does anyone have a simple link of a Bin file?  Thanks for your help.


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Re: New SKR Pro boards and TFT 35 screen

Hi Rand,

I think you have the wrong BigTree! This is a forum for the content management system, not the board manufacturer smile


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