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Creating new template and database access

My organization has the BigTree CMS implemented, implemented version is 4.4.13.

It's hosted on AWS.

My Questions:
I'm trying to add a new basic template. 

I fill out the form:
ID: simple-with-link
Name: Simple With Link
Type: Basic
Related Module: Blank
Access Level: Normal User

Add resources:
theme_color       Color                    Color Picker
page_header      Page Header       Text
page_intro          Page Intro            Text Area
link                       Link                       Link

Click Create.
No errors, seems to work.  But it doesn't show up in the list of templates and it's not available for use when creating a new page.  Creation shows up in the Audit Trail.  I notice it says "Unknown Form" in Audit Trail.

What am I doing wrong?

Second Question:
How do I access the database to troubleshoot things?

Thanks! Sorry for the long winded post.
Tom Bishop


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Re: Creating new template and database access

This seems like it is likely a file permissions issue. Are you using git for version control? If so, you likely do not want to be adding new templates in the live environment but rather want to setup a local environment from which you can commit your changes (which in this case would be in /custom/json-db/templates.json). You can check the file permissions by going to the Developer section and choosing Site Status. That will tell you if there are any directories that BigTree will need write access to that are not writable.

Accessing the database isn't something I can answer unfortunately as there could be many ways in which the database connection could be setup. In AWS you're likely either running AuroraDB or MySQL/MariaDB via RDS. The connections could be restricted to only intra-network connections in which case you'd need to have an EC2 instance as an SSH jumping off point to connect externally.


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