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reCaptcha - Form Builder/cURL

I am having failures with reCaptcha within form builder. I have verified that the user authorization is being received from the browser and the $recaptcha_url variable is set appropriately.

$response is empty (echo and print_r())

What is the best way to troubleshoot the call:

 $response = json_decode(BigTree::cURL($recaptcha_url));  

If I use a curl_exec() call and json_decode the server captcha call appears to work without incident.

Recently upgraded to  Version 4.4.15 and had reCaptcha enabled and tested ok for a brief time prior to the upgrade I believe I was on 4.4.9.


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Re: reCaptcha - Form Builder/cURL

Sorry, just realized this was never responded to! If the response is empty it's either:

cURL is failing (maybe some kind of SSL error connecting to Google's servers) or the response you're getting is not a valid JSON response. This could be incorrect reCAPTCHA keys or something of that sort or possibly that your IP is being banned by Google for whatever reason.


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