#1 February 25, 2022 1:15pm

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TinyMCE icons not showing

Not sure if this is the right place, but today, tinymce isn't loading icons for the WYSIWYG controls in BigTree on a specific client site. No code changes were being made.

Curious if it's an issue at the TinyMCE level or where. Seeing this in Chrome / Edge, Firefox & Safari are ok. Considering the 2 affected are Chromium browsers, the issue may be browser based, but I'm not seeing this with other non-big tree tinymce implementations.



#2 February 28, 2022 5:35pm

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Re: TinyMCE icons not showing

This is usually do to the server having incorrect MIME type encoding for SVGs if I remember correctly. I would check your browser's network inspector and see if there's something weird coming through — I can't remember if TinyMCE uses SVG icons or an icon font, either could be an issue!


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