#1 February 9, 2022 10:45am

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SOLVED: Page versioning + New question

We recently had a problem with page revisions, which for now has been solved by simply creating a fresh revisions table.

This brought up a new problem, which I am mentioning in case it is a considered a bug:

It happens when you save the current revision of a page whose last_edited_by is a user who has been deleted. The revision is saved, but does not display on the admin screen.

A reasonable compromise in this case could be to outer join on the users table, and show a missing author as "unknown" or "former account" or similar. I think having all revisions available is more important than showing accurate authorship. Can this be done?



#2 February 14, 2022 8:14pm

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Re: SOLVED: Page versioning + New question

That's definitely a bug! I'm slowly working my way toward a release that supports PHP 8 and I'll be sure to get this in as well.


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