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Tips To Choose Best Hiking Pants For Your Comfort And Applications

Hiking is a sport loved by many people. In addition to helping you improve your health, hiking also helps you relieve stress and fatigue after a long time of working. It is also a way to practice your perseverance and endurance. Just like any sport, you have to prepare the right pieces of equipment for the fullest experience. For hiking, apart from functional hiking boots, hiking pants are one of the essential factors. There are many options on the market for top-rated hiking pants. But how to choose the best pants for hiking that suits you. In this article, we will give you some tips for choosing the good pants for hiking.


At first sight, you need to find out how many types of hiking pants and the characteristics of each kind so that you have an overview of the best hiking pants review. Following that, hiking pants can divide into the following three main styles:

Old Fashioned Pants

This category is the first version of hiking pants. It does not have a big difference in design compared to other conventional pants, except for minor differences in design and function for activities. In general, this style is just like standard pants with little functionality.


Convertible Hiking Pants

Next is convertible hiking pants, also known as a "zip-off" hiking pants. With its design, you can remove the bottom part of the slack to convert into shorts. This function will perform with zippers running sideways around the legs. Usually, it will be able to turn into shorts that are about 10 inches in length. You can use this function to get comfort at the end of a hike or in hot weather. It is one of the most comfortable hiking pants.

Roll-up Hiking pants

Finally, that is roll-up hiking pants. This style has the same function and application as the hiking as mentioned earlier pants. Roll-up hiking pants that you can roll up to change the form into shorts or capri pants. It can help you to ventilate while walking in hot weather, or roll up your pants to cross small streams.



Size is the first criteria to consider to find the best backpacking pants. It would be best if you chose a pair of pants that suits you better than selecting the ones that are cheaper or better designed. The fit and comfort will bring better mobility. Therefore, pants with a reasonable amount of bagginess are a good idea. When hiking in uneven areas or going up and down sections, freedom and flexibility in the crotch and knees areas are critical. However, you should also avoid choosing pants with too much bagginess because it can hurt you if you are hiking in heavy wind conditions. Fortunately, some hiking pants have the facility of articulated knees and gusseted crotches which are quite comfortable. Also, You should pay attention to select summer hiking pants that are a bit wider for ventilation.


Weight is also the part you should consider compared to your purpose and hiking situation. If you are an average day hiker and the hiking takes place regularly, weight may not be a big problem. But, if you have to hike or travel for days or carry a backpack with lots of equipment. The importance of a lightweight pair of pants will help you feel more comfortable and less stressed. That is also right if you are a new hiker and still not get familiar with a little bit more heavy pants. Besides, summer hiking pants should be lighter and fairer than winter hiking pants. Therefore, depending on the terrain and the type of weather where you are preparing to hike, you should choose for yourself the most comfortable pants as possible.


Even if it is regular everyday pants, the ventilation is necessary. As for hiking, you have to walk a lot and sweat a lot, so the hiking pants you choose must have a useful function of ventilation. It helps your sweat to wick away from the skin easily and quickly, thereby helping you feel more comfortable. The best outdoor hiking pants also feature a ventilation zip which makes the process of ventilation take place quicker is a good option. This ventilation system helps your pants dry faster if you accidentally get wet because of the sudden rain.

Water resistance

Water-resistance also considered as one of the crucial factors to define good pants for hiking. If you are planning to hike in rainy season or terrain to cross the streams, or a morning hike that often has fog, the water-resistance of hiking pants is a must-have function. It can prevent you from getting soaked when it rains or when crossing streams. Hiking pants with this feature often have a durable waterproof coating. They may require you to use reproofing to get the feature optimized. If you hike in the summer, you should consider carefully because this feature often makes the pants thicker and can be uncomfortable when in hot weather. Hiking pants with better ventilation will better suit in the summer.


Pockets of hiking pants are indispensable. Standard hiking pants will have hand-warmer pockets and at least two pockets to hold things. It would help if you chose pants with pockets which fit what you intend to bring. These pockets can help you store your phone, map, or even a flashlight. It would be best if you did not choose pants with too many pockets because they can make the pants heavier and look less beautiful.


Bugs Resistance

This point is the element that can be neglected, but it is quite vital. If you hike in dense forests with many bugs and insects, then you will surely be in trouble with them. Armed with insect-resistant trousers, insects or mosquitoes will help you get rid of getting rid of the hassle and have a better hiking trip. However, the anti-bugs spray is still essential for more severe cases.

In short, hiking pants are an essential gear that needs to invest in a perfect hiking experience. Currently, many brands meet the requirements for the best men's hiking pants and women as well. In addition to the essential factors mentioned above, you should also choose the pants with sun protection and windproof features. These features are also easy to find in hiking pants. Hopefully, with the above information, you will be able to choose for yourself the best hiking pants.

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