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Pending Changes?

In our current version of BigTree (v4.2.24), the Pending Changes functionality can only tell us that a page has changed, not what has changed about the page. In an environment with multiple users having access to edit some pages, however, this can lead to user confusion about what changes have been published already, what are pending, and what haven't even been started yet.

Are there any plans for implementing some sort of "Track Changes"-like functionality (at least for text...there's probably not a good way to do anything like that with images) that would at least allow people to quickly see the main deletions, adds, and edits to the text on the page?

(And it's entirely possible that this functionality is already in place...just in a newer version than what we are currently using)

Just curious,

Doug Thompson
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Re: Pending Changes?

Currently, there's no plans to add this into BigTree 5 but that's not to say that it won't be added -- it would be a great addition. It would require all field types to be able to diff the content and then provide output to a differential tracker. A lot of work to implement but something I'd love to see if the community contributed it.


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