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Access denied to /users/profile/

Access for "Normal User" accounts to the /users/profile page to change their password is now greeted with an "Access Denied" error. Access is available for Administrators, so I suspect it's a simple permissions failure. Unfortunately, since it's not a page or resource or module, I haven't any idea where or how permissions are set for a user to be able to edit their own account. Help?

PS: This is perhaps an artifact of the BT3->BT4 upgrade, but I haven't had enough reports of the problem to be sure when it started...


#2 August 12, 2013 9:52am

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Re: Access denied to /users/profile/

Should be fixed now in the development branch. If you want to just fix this issue (which is probably advisable since the development branch has some significant differences from RC2), you can change line 2 in /core/admin/modules/users/_header.php to:

if (end($bigtree["path"]) != "password" && $bigtree["path"][2] != "profile") {


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