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how to use bigtree classes and functions (PHP beginner)

Hi, firstly, apologize for my bad english (non-native english)

I'm very new in bigtree cms. I was a joomla cms user before, and I'm looking for better cms which lighter but more powerful than joomla.
I'm impressed with bigtree now. It's looks very light and simpler to develope, especially for PHP beginner.
It also has very good documentation, with all of code reference we can  use to develope website.

My question is very simple :
How can I use those code reference ?

For example,
In the documentation, I found  "BigTreeCMS" link which contains very much function in it.
Let's say I want to use "getLink" function in my php code, so I call the function with :
$cms->getLink($page_id); // correct me if I'm wrong big_smile

Now, how can I call other functions in other classes, i.e : BigTreeModule, BigTree, BigTreeImage, SQL, SQL Wrappers, etc ?

Thanks for answer, and again : sorry for my bad english, wish you can understand what I'm asking for big_smile


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Re: how to use bigtree classes and functions (PHP beginner)

BigTree::redirect($url = false, $code = ["302"])

$module = new module_name
$get = $module->getAll($order = false, $columns = false)

This is how we do it, hope this helps.


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