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Redirect to Page Upon Pages' Creation

Hello Master BigTree,

Yes this is me, I know it's you, I am me.

When I create a page young man, I wanna get to the darn point. Not like the point on your pen, or the point on that skiffy little fuzzy nutter pat under your mouse, but the point in the CMS where creating a page redirects you to the sitemap rather than the page itself. That's awesome if you wanna create a bunch of pages like crazy (which maybe we could have a batch page creation page) but when you wanna add one page and it goes to the sitemap, the created page gets lost in the mix.

Whatchu thank dug?



#2 September 27, 2018 9:42am

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Re: Redirect to Page Upon Pages' Creation

Do you think a "Create & Preview" button which creates the page as pending and takes you to the front end to view it would solve your use case?


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