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Page Recovery

Hi, I have been managing the webpage for a specific department at my University. Earlier today, I was working on creating a new subpage and at one point, decided to start over. I mistakenly renamed the main communication studies department page the wrong name and proceeded to archive, then delete the file thinking that it was a small subpage that I no longer needed. Turns out it was the entire Communication Studies department page with all of the subpages attached.

I have spent the past few hours hoping to find some way to retrieve this deleted page and couldn't manage to find any solutions.
Would anyone happen to know if there is anyway I can recover the webpage and all of the subpages that were linked to it? I know that this was a huge mistake on my behalf and is something that I am urgently trying to resolve.

Thanks so much.


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Re: Page Recovery

Your best bet is to talk to your web host and see if they have a backup of the database from the previous night. If they, do, you can check the audit logs to see what page tree you deleted and recover those rows in the database.


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