#1 June 8, 2017 9:55am

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Safari blocks auto play videos MacOS 10.13 beta


We were testing the new version of Safari on the MacOS 10.13 beta to see if it blocked our homepage video from auto-playing. Luckily our website is fine but we noticed  your home page video on bigtreecms.org does not auto-play. Our video is hosted through youtube and yours is self hosted but we don't know if that is causing it to auto-play. Just thought we would give you a heads up.

Image of the feature: http://imgur.com/9lxhC7i


#2 June 9, 2017 8:01pm

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Re: Safari blocks auto play videos MacOS 10.13 beta

Thanks for the heads up! We'll be looking into this further - I know on iOS the rule is that auto play works when the video has no audio so I assume the macOS variant will behave the same but from what I can tell our videos don't have audio so that's definitely strange.


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