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Is BigTree a good solution to capturing specific data for custom CMS?

I am in the planning stage for an Android application which will consume data from a Restful API (which I will write).  The data will be stored in a database (MySQL)

The data the API exposes will be captured from a website. Some of the data captured will be

venue name
venue address
venue telephone
venue website
opening times
.... some more

What I am wondering is if
a) BigTree can be customized to capture specific data (such as the above)
b) Can my API consume data from BigTree created tables? tables are not locked down or anything?
c) Is BigTree secure? Some data is sensitive (credit card info)

In short I need to create a website to capture data which will be retrieved via an API, and also data will be inserted into database tables from the app (two way communication).

Please let me know if you have questions.


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Re: Is BigTree a good solution to capturing specific data for custom CMS?

Sure, there's no reason you can't build an API on BigTree. I've done mixed API/front end implementations but you can always change the homepage template to be a routed template that entirely serves API calls.

BigTree currently doesn't have any known security vulnerabilities but as with all software there are inherently going to be bugs. We work with many white hat security groups to fix security issues and release updates prior to public disclosure. That said, storing credit card data in a database bears a large load of responsibility in regards to how it's stored -- the PCI compliance barriers to storing numbers are HUGE in terms of who has access to the server (physical and remote), two key encryption, and more.


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