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Admin page keeps looping

Sup guys

I got the problem that the admin link (site/admin) keeps looping.

<-- Config file

    $bigtree["config"]["debug"] = true; // Set to false to stop all PHP errors/warnings from showing, or "full" to show all errors include notices and strict standards
    $bigtree["config"]["domain"] = "http://xx";    // "domain" should be http://www.website.com
    $bigtree["config"]["www_root"] = "http://xx"; // "www_root" should be http://www.website.com/location/of/the/site/
    $bigtree["config"]["static_root"] = "hxxttp://xx"; // "static_root" can either be the same as "www_root" or another domain that points to the same place -i t is used to server static files to increase page load time due to max connections per domain in most browsers.
    $bigtree["config"]["admin_root"] = "http://xx/admin/"; // "admin_root" should be the location you want to access BigTree's admin from, i.e. http://www.website.com/admin/
    $bigtree["config"]["force_secure_login"] = true; // If you have HTTPS enabled, set to true to force admin logins through HTTPS
    $bigtree["config"]["environment"] = ""; // "dev" or "live"; empty to hide
    $bigtree["config"]["environment_live_url"] = ""; // Live admin URL
    $bigtree["config"]["developer_mode"] = false; // Set to true to lock out all users except developers.
    $bigtree["config"]["maintenance_url"] = false; // Set to a URL to 307 redirect visitors to a maintenance page (driven by /templates/basic/_maintenance.php).
    $bigtree["config"]["routing"] = "htaccess";
    $bigtree["config"]["cache"] = true; // Enable Simple Caching    // $bigtree["config"]["cache"] = false; // Enable Simple Caching
    $bigtree["config"]["sql_interface"] = "mysqli"; // Change to "mysql" to use legacy MySQL interface in PHP.


.htaccess file in root dir

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^$ site/ [L]
RewriteRule (.*) site/$1 [L]

The normal site works, but the admin part does not work sad



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Re: Admin page keeps looping

It looks like you've set the "Force Secure Login" option to true - does your host support HTTPS? It may be trying to redirect you to https to login but maybe it's redirecting back to http creating an unending loop.


#3 September 15, 2016 7:39am

From: Amersfoort, The Netherlands
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Re: Admin page keeps looping

I found out that Cloud flare was looping the website for some reason.
Even with a normal certificate


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