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Comment extension

Hello, first I would like to tell you Bigtree is really great CMS, I really like it! Great job. But it would be great to share some more extensions. I saw the blog system with comment possibility for the project novanafrica (http://www.novanafrica.com/blog/?p=1). Could you share it with us? It would be great! smile


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Re: Comment extension

There's a Blog system that comes with the BigTree 4.0 example site. We've been meaning to package it up for 4.2 but the 4.2 demo site doesn't really accommodate that kind of system easily. We're looking to release a more robust example site with BigTree 4.3 and will be sure to launch a Blog extension that works with that site after the 4.3 release!

As far as Novan Africa, that appears to actually be a WordPress blog that's sitting on top of a BigTree site (you can drop WordPress into /site/blog/ and it serves it completely separate from BigTree).


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