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Upload new file renamed to orginal


I was just trying to upload a new file but when it uploaded the file, the file was not there even though it looked like it succeeded to upload. After doing some research, the new file name I uploaded was renamed to the original file that was uploaded before. I didn't know the original file with a different name was already uploaded.
I have two questions:
1. How does bigtree know the original file vs the new named file are the same when uploading?
2. Is there a way to know when the new file being uploaded is renamed to the original?



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Re: Upload new file renamed to orginal

If you're referring to files uploaded into the File Manager / Image Manager, BigTree checks the md5 hash of the file before storing it. Duplicate files are never stored twice -- if you upload a file that already exists the behavior differs depending on the folder you're uploading to:

- If you're uploading the file to the same folder that a duplicate file is in the duplicate file's modification time is updated (so it moves to the top of the list)
- If you're uploading the file to a different folder an additional reference is created to the duplicate file


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