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Is this right for my site?

I built my current website www.silkmillharmony.com using html, css and a little php. I would love to create a CMS for it but I don't want to waste a bunch of time trying to figure out if this will be right for me.

At the moment, I'm mostly wondering about rotating events via using this platform.

Usually, every Tuesday morning, I update the current website.. I delete the old events and rearrange the boxes. Right now, I have box1, box2, box3 classes. One floats left, the other right and the other is centered in the middle. I like this format. My customers like this format. I don't want to change this aspect of my design. I usually delete box 1 and possibly 2 after the weekend and then change box2 or box3 to box1 and shift the rest of the boxes to follow suit...

Can I do this with BigTree CMS? Or, even better.. is there a way to streamline my workflow using this CMS?



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Re: Is this right for my site?

You can do all that and more with BigTree, but BigTree doesn't do any of the front end presentation for you. So you could easily setup a module in BigTree where you manage the data for the different boxes and choose what days of the week to show them. On the front end template side you would then check what day it is via PHP's date() function and call the module class file's get-related methods to retrieve data for a given day of the week (probably getMatching).


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