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4.3.2 - Add back upload Files and New Folder buttons

When editing a page and clicking the link/image button in the WYSIWYG, clicking the folder/magnifier button. With version 4.3.2, there is only the Manage Files button next to the search text box. In older versions there was the New Folder and Upload Files button. Can those be added back?

I feel it would be more user friendly to have those buttons back instead of the Manage Files button that opens up a new browser tab and goes to the files tab.




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Re: 4.3.2 - Add back upload Files and New Folder buttons

It's unlikely that managing files is going to return to the pop-up. The reason for this is due to the large change in the processing of files uploaded to the file manager (metadata fields, custom crops, procedural cropping, etc). Trying to jam that into the pop-up window (and having the duplicate all the code behind the scenes that handles that) would end up being a lot to maintain.

BigTree 5.0 is going to re-imagine the whole interface and we will keep in mind trying to improve the usability of the file/image choosers. Hopefully we can integrate something like a full-screen takeover of the file manager when selecting a file that would have the same functionality as the dedicated tab.


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