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Add possibility group fields on forms


I would like to have possibility group fields on forms created via Modules. Currently there is an excellent form builder, but there is no possibility to create groups and add fields into these groups. I can provide an example: I have a module which provide different blocks on the site, and each block has some settings(text fields, matrix fields, etc), and I would like to create a group for each block and put all fields needed for this block into this group. Also will be cool to have possibility manage view of these groups(collapsible settings, etc). Drupal has a good module which allow to do this - https://www.drupal.org/project/field_group . Will be useful to have something similar here.

Is there any plans to do this? If no, maybe I can help develop this module in the future.


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Re: Add possibility group fields on forms

There's currently no plans to add this to the core of BigTree -- it's a pretty large task and a big UI challenge to get right. I'd be happy to see work on this from the community though and if it fits well then it will be a great candidate for a core release in the future!


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