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BigTree 4.2 Released

We're very excited to announce the official release of BigTree 4.2 and the opening of the Extensions Gallery.

New Features

Extensions are namespaced, self-contained packages that are updateable automatically inside BigTree. You can read all about how to create your own extensions in the Developer Guide. We've released some of our in-house extension already for you to download in the Extensions Gallery and look forward to the community contributing as well!

Enhanced Security
BigTree 4.2 introduces hardened security policy support including password policies, temporary bans for failed logins, IP address bans, and IP address whitelists for logging into the admin area.

Matrix Field Type
BigTree 4.1's Array of Items field type has been transformed into the much more powerful Matrix field type. Anything you could previously deploy into a Callout can now function as a Matrix field. Want multiple sets of Image/Title/Link combos? The Matrix field type is here to help.

One To Many Field Type
The One to Many Field Type allows you to create relationships easily in templates where you didn't have the ability to create a relationship table. Want to add multiple module entries as related content to a page? Use a One to Many field and the IDs will be stored as an array for you.

MUCH More!
Check out the full changelog for a full list of new things in BigTree 4.2. Have questions about how to employ all the new awesomeness? Feel free to ask away!

Backwards Compatibility

The only known backwards compatibility break in BigTree 4.2 (from 4.1) is that Packages that employed the Array of Items field type will need to have their fields manually updated to Matrix fields after importing into a BigTree 4.2 installation.


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