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How to update to BigTree 4.3.4?

I am about to update BigTree 4.2.11 to BigTree 4.3.4. Can you tell me how to update to BigTree 4.3.4? I heard many people say that it is easy to make mistakes when not careful in updating.


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Re: How to update to BigTree 4.3.4?


I'd recommend updating all the way to the latest 4.4 release. If you're using a git repository for BigTree, you can just do a git pull on it and then visit the admin area to have it run the database updates. If you're not using a git-based setup for BigTree, you can visit the Developer tab and initiate an update. If that does not work due to filesystem permissions, you can download the latest release of BigTree and replace your /core/ and /vendor/ folders with those in the latest zip file.

Whichever way you choose to go, it's always recommended you backup your database before doing a major update.


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