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Feature Request: Increased User Resource Access Permission Granularity

Currently, it's very much an "all or nothing" situation in regards to us granting access to the calendar/events module and to the news module. Since we're such a large organization and have users scattered around all over the place, we basically have to give the "keys to the kingdom" to users that we want to have edit/publish access to those modules. They either have access or they do not...there's nothing in between.

If there were a way to assign specific categories within those modules to users, I would think that would be ideal.

That way, for instance, you could have a user that is only responsible for (and only has access to) a specific category of calendar event, or a user that can only see/edit three news categories instead of all 50+...things like that.

We're only at BigTree v4.2.24, so I have no idea if that sort of thing has already been addressed in one of the many minor versions of BigTree that have come out since, but if it hasn't, maybe that would be something useful to do in BigTree 5?

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Re: Feature Request: Increased User Resource Access Permission Granularity

You can actually use BigTree's "Group Based Permissions" feature to divide up user permissions for something like News and Events, assuming there is a category dropdown that only allows for a single category. If you have multiple categories, that doesn't work. With Group Based Permissions you set the category field to be the grouping field and from there you can assign users specific access to the category. List views will then only show the entries tagged to that category and users will only be able to add / edit / delete entries in the categories they are given access to.


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