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Export results of Site Integrity Check...

We have a very large BigTree-powered website (running v4.2.24 of BigTree, btw), and right now when we run the Site Integrity Check utility (in the Dashboard -> Vitals & Statistics menu), it works as expected, but if it finds a lot of issues, the only way we have of dealing with them is one-by-one manually clicking the "Edit" link in the results column and hoping for the best. One false click and the whole thing has to be run again (which can take quite some time).

It would be nice if there were a way to save/export the results of the Site Integrity Check at the end of the process, so we could more systematically work our way down the list and ensure that everything is fixed.

Really, the ability to save/export results would come in handy for other areas within BigTree as well...namely, for the list of users and for identifying where files/images are being used. Just a general reporting functionality would be a great addition.

Now, it's entirely possible that some/all of this has been addressed in BigTree releases more recent than the v4.2.24 we're running. Please let me know if that's the case, as we're waiting on some server upgrades to happen later this summer before we can upgrade beyond that version, unfortunately.

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Re: Export results of Site Integrity Check...

This is a great idea -- it hasn't landed yet in 4.4, so I've added an issue to track in GitHub:

It may make it into BigTree 5, but there's a lot of backlog on features there so it may wait until 5.1.


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