#1 January 30, 2019 3:43am

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BigTree 4.4 update not showing up?


Since the 4.4 update was released, I haven't seen any update messages in my Bigtree 4.3.x installations.
I also did not see any information about how to update to 4.4. Does it require a manual installation or do I need to be a bit more patient wink
Excited to play around with the latest version.

Thanks in advance!


#2 January 30, 2019 5:22am

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Re: BigTree 4.4 update not showing up?

Same for us. Although there are quite some under the hood changes (Config moved from DB to JSON storage, no packages anymore etc). Highly recommended you test it on a separate test environment first.


#3 January 30, 2019 1:12pm

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Re: BigTree 4.4 update not showing up?

The reason behind this is actually due to us forcing https:// on bigtreecms.org. The cURL request that asks for updates is failing. The -devel branches have a fix to point to https:// URLs but the releases that have them aren't out yet. I'm temporarily turning off the forced https redirect which should alleviate the issue until the releases that fix it are out!


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