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BigTree 4.1 Released

BigTree's 4.1 release is a major new release that includes a fresh coat of paint and incorporates many new features. In the future, we hope to have 4.x releases come out at a faster pace with less features-per-release (4.2 is already underway and will hopefully be released in early fall).

Major New Features
  1. Built in core updater — When accessing the Developer section you will be automatically prompted when new versions of BigTree are available. If you have FTP login support or your host is running PHP as FastCGI (and thus your Apache user has write access to /core/), BigTree can automatically download updates and install them for you. SFTP support is on dock for BigTree 4.2.

  2. Module Reports — Easily create both views that can be searched with many filters and CSV exports.

  3. Embeddable Forms — Embed BigTree's powerful forms in the front end of your site through iframes with your own stylesheets. User submissions can default to pending, can take advantage of all of your field types, and can even include cropping of user submitted images.

  4. Nested Draggable View — For data relationships that include parent/child, you can now use the nested view to create multi-level draggable views.

  5. Maintenance and Developer Modes — You can now lock down the front end of the site or the back end of the site to only logged-in developer level users while you work on the site. See the configuration file page for more information.

  6. User Emulator — Ever had a user say something isn't working properly for them but it works fine for you? Now you can use the Developer section's User Emulator to login as that user without knowing their password.

  7. Audit Trial — While the audit trail has always existed in the database, there is now an easy to use tool to track changes to any entry in the database. You can either use the Audit Trail tool in the Developer section or use the overflow menu on any module entry's form to quickly jump into the audit trail for that entry.

  8. Callouts Field Type — Callouts are no longer simply a single set restricted to Pages.  They are now groupable and exist as a field type. You can use them in Modules, Templates, and Settings. Existing templates that enabled callouts will automatically receive a "callouts" resource and have their data transition over properly.

  9. File Manager Updates — Administrators can now replace files and delete files and folders.

  10. Google Cloud Storage — Cloud Storage support now includes Google's storage service.

For a full list of changes, see the change log on GitHub.


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