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New Forum, Passwords Reset

With the release of the new BigTree website we've also moved to new forum software (from Vanilla to FluxBB for those curious). We've done our best to migrate all the existing content and user accounts but passwords were not able to be migrated (they were one way hashed and Vanilla and FluxBB use different hashing mechanisms for stored passwords).

To login to the new forums, click the Login navigation option and then select the "Forgotten your password?" link. It will email you a temporary password and a verification link. It's advised that after you login with that temporary password you change your password (click the Profile navigation option and then the "Change Password" link under your username). While you're in the Profile section, you may want to update your Time Zone as well (though we tried to port those over as well if you didn't set one on the old forum you'll default to GMT).


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