#1 Re: General » BigTree CMS is suitable for a blog » December 24, 2015 1:11am

Thank you, has worked great with the tagging.

And how can I make external links blue color in the Posts and I want a larger font in the posts, because something is too small.

I'm not sure what it is exactly .css file. I had been looking after the FTP account of my installation.

#2 Re: General » BigTree CMS is suitable for a blog » December 23, 2015 11:03pm

Thanks for the tips and just so I could upgrade, which worked. That with the avatar upload was successful.

Since I have a question though how can you use the tagging in the Tree blog? Plotting the tags separated by commas or with spaces in between?

Somehow I do not see any tags in the Tree blog and I was thinking more of the tagcloud in the sidebar or something like that. Do I need to maybe adjust something in the system?

#3 Re: General » BigTree CMS is suitable for a blog » December 23, 2015 1:13pm

Ok, thanks for your answer. Will it then subsequently be possible to upgrade from BigTree 4.0.13 to 4.3 ? The Tree blog I would then like to take.

Whether that will be technically possible?

Incidentally, I would like to upload an avatar in the forum, but it does not. It is shared anything. Could you please look up or you may not upload avatars?

Thank you in advance.

#4 Re: General » BigTree CMS is suitable for a blog » December 23, 2015 4:46am

Thank you, I have now found with Disqus smile

Then I wanted to know how the development of BigTree CMS will be? If you enable the newer versions the blogging engine or it still remains without Tree blog?

Would be interesting to know!

#5 Re: General » BigTree CMS is suitable for a blog » December 23, 2015 3:14am

Thanks for the quick reply and I have just installed the version 4.0.13. The TreeBlog is ever present.

One question I have! How can you change the Disqus Shortname so they are my Disqus comments. Currently it is not mine.

Thank you in advance.

#6 General » BigTree CMS is suitable for a blog » December 22, 2015 7:59pm

Alex L
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Hello Community,

I am a German user of BigTree and have discovered it only now. My question is, whether one with Bigtree CMS can also blogging. These Trees, there are such articles on the website?

Comments do not, or at least there?

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