#1 Re: Developer Help » 403 for ajax in custom extensions / Windows XAMP Dev machine » August 3, 2020 11:30am

What type of environment is it failing on? You mention it works in production on Linux — are you running a development machine on Windows?

#2 Re: Developer Help » Need help » July 17, 2020 9:01am

The search method on a module class accepts the search term as the first parameter (in your case it looks like $search_item contains that data). You don't need to pass in a full SQL query.


#3 Re: Developer Help » Installation Help » May 18, 2020 8:04am

Does your web server show anything in the error logs? Do you see anything when you view source?

#4 Re: Developer Help » Form Builder and replaceRelativeRoots » May 13, 2020 8:07am

Hi Tushar,

Can you send me an example of a row from the btx_form_builder_entries table that doesn't play nicely with the strtr version of replaceRelativeRoots? You can email me it directly.


#5 Re: Developer Help » Upgrading BigTreeCMS » April 3, 2020 11:16am

You're likely fine with leaving in the override for BigTreeModule since that class is strictly used for front end logic display which shouldn't change at all.

#6 Re: Developer Help » Upgrading BigTreeCMS » April 3, 2020 9:13am

Since this looks like an older CMS (given config is in /templates/config.php rather than /custom/environment.php and /custom/settings.php) it's possible the CMS overrides are actually just overwriting the base files. Do you a /custom/inc/bigtree/ folder? If so there might be a cms.php file in that folder that's overriding the main BigTreeCMS class. In newer versions of BigTree, that file actually creates BigTreeCMSBase so that it can be extended rather than directly creating BigTreeCMS.

#7 Re: Developer Help » Validating that module field has unique value » March 20, 2020 9:25am

You can check for whether you're updating an existing entry by doing:

if (!empty($bigtree["existing_data"]["id"])) {
   // Updating something that already exists

#8 Re: Developer Help » Validating that module field has unique value » March 4, 2020 9:27am

Hi Daniel!

In the front-end of your website you have full control over how the data gets into the database. The easiest way to check if a user exists in your table before inserting it would be to make an instance of your module's class and use getMatching. e.g.

$mod = new PublicUsers;

if (count($mod->getMatching("email", $_POST["email"])) {
    // user exists
} else {
    // insert user

On the back-end, you could do this through a custom field type. You could throw an error in your custom field's process file if there's already a matching email in the database table.

#9 Re: Developer Help » Printable page » February 3, 2020 6:45pm

You can’t open actions in a new tab by default. You would need to create a custom view entirely to do that.

#10 Re: Developer Help » Printable page » January 21, 2020 8:35am

You can change the layout of the admin in the same way you do the front end templates by setting $bigtree["layout"] to a different type.

e.g. If you wanted something blank would create blank.php in /custom/admin/layouts/ with this code:

   echo $bigtree["content"];

Then in your custom action file you'd set $bigtree["layout"] = "blank";

#11 Re: Bug Reports » Expired page subpages still available » January 2, 2020 12:10pm

That's a tricky one. On the one hand I agree the expected behavior from a rational standpoint would be that sub-pages would also expire if the parent page did. On the other hand, we'd have to do this via a cron task to make it efficient. When you archive a page at the time of archival it can set the archived state of all the descendant pages. Expired status on the other hand is checked on the database row at fetch time. We'd have to traverse the page tree for each page request to see if any ancestor page is expired which isn't ideal. Since this would be a core behavior change which might cause unexpected results for people that for whatever reason do depend on sub-pages being alive still I'm going to log it as something we'll try to add in BigTree 5.

#12 Re: Feature Requests » Warnings to help reduce catastrophes... » December 20, 2019 9:29am

Hi Doug!

I'm not sure which version added it, but there is now a confirmation on permanently deleting a page. As archiving is an intermediate step I'm not 100% sold on the need for a confirmation for confirming that, but it's something we may add to BigTree 5. I like the idea of a confirmation when Saving & Publishing a page that a different user has pending changes on -- I'll add that to the feature list for 5.

#13 Re: Feature Requests » Pending Changes? » December 19, 2019 2:03pm

Currently, there's no plans to add this into BigTree 5 but that's not to say that it won't be added -- it would be a great addition. It would require all field types to be able to diff the content and then provide output to a differential tracker. A lot of work to implement but something I'd love to see if the community contributed it.

#14 Re: Bug Reports » Crop issue » December 16, 2019 8:28am

I can only assume that the URLs in your links are incorrect if they're giving you a 404 smile

#15 Re: Bug Reports » Crop issue » December 15, 2019 10:03pm

The developer that originally built your site should be able to edit the form to re-add the crops if they are missing. If you’re looking to do it yourself, the developer documentation on this site will point you in the right direction.

#16 Re: Bug Reports » Crop issue » December 13, 2019 10:42am

Every site has different configuration.

#17 Re: Bug Reports » Crop issue » December 13, 2019 10:28am

My first guess if it's skipping crops entirely (and not throwing an errors) is that the configuration for the crops for that field got wiped. I'd also check the Developer -> Status panel to ensure that there's no directory permissions issues.

#18 Re: Bug Reports » Crop issue » December 13, 2019 8:16am

Does it just skip the crops altogether? Does it walk you through them but not generate them? Is an error shown?

#19 Re: Feature Requests » Media Gallery Field Type: Ability to reference File Manager Videos » December 5, 2019 5:02pm

I'll try to make this happen in BigTree 5! We may be able to sneak it into a 4.4 release if 5 gets too delayed.

#20 Re: Developer Help » Update to 4.2.28 or 4.4.7 » November 25, 2019 11:07am

{staticroot} is the correct token to be stored in the database. There's a method of BigTreeCMS that replaces tokens ({wwwroot} {staticroot} and their variants for multi-domain setups) with the actual config value: https://www.bigtreecms.org/developers/c … ativeRoots

I usually have static_root set to the full domain path but in theory "/" should work fine as well. If the data is coming out of the database directly through a SQL query and isn't being run through a BigTreeModule method (e.g. "get", "getMatching", etc) then it's not going to have tokens decoded. You'll need to run BigTree::untranslateArray on the database record to get internal page links and tokens properly decoded for display.

#21 Re: Developer Help » Update to 4.2.28 or 4.4.7 » November 25, 2019 9:52am

I don't believe there were any changes between 4.2 and 4.4 with how translation of staticroot functions but I could be wrong. Is $bigtree["config"]["static_root"] set in your environment.php file properly?

#22 Re: Developer Help » Setting up a form » November 20, 2019 9:32am

The template in the latest version of Form Builder has Confirmation Email fields in it. You fill those out and your form will send a confirmation email to the user that makes a submission. The notification email to the administrative user is controlled by the "Email Addresses" field in the template.

#23 Re: Developer Help » How to install web app into existing BigTree site for K-12 school? » November 19, 2019 1:41pm

Where can I create new pages or simply upload a page that is already written in html?

The /site/ folder is the web root of a BigTree project. If you want to insert HTML files that are outside the CMS, you can place them inside of that directory and they will not be routed through BigTree.

Are there some kind of documents that might help me learn more about how this is set up?

Developer documentation can be found here: https://www.bigtreecms.org/developers/d … tallation/

I saw places mentioning "installing" BigTree.  Does this mean it can hosted locally?  Or is there a more robust editor where I can access the SQL database and use a cpanel style interface?

You can (and should) run a local development environment for making updates to BigTree but it isn't a "push" CMS where you have a local install that then updates the remote site — each environment is separate. BigTree 4.4 allows for git based workflows to pass configuration changes (e.g. Templates, Modules, Callouts, etc) via a git deployment which is what I'd recommend. How you can access the MySQL database and cPanel depends entirely on your hosting platform and not BigTree.

Under "Modules" all I see is options for:
- Content: Faculty, Events, Social Feed, and Alerts
- Blog: Posts, Authors, Categories
- Forms: Form Builder

Hopefully this information sticks out to someone and they can say something like, "Oh you must have a template already created and that is all you are able to access," or "There is an educational plan that has extremely limited features."  I feel comfortable around command lines and writing code, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to do a single thing through the BigTree web editor besides make minor changes to pictures and texts.  Please help!

If you do not see the Developer tab (which is what you'd use to create new templates, modules, etc) then your user level is not high enough. You can adjust that in the bigtree_users table in the database (level 2 is a developer, level 1 is administrator, level 0 is normal user). Modules are usually custom to your implementation of BigTree (though it does look like you have some that are provided by Extensions such as Form Builder and Social Feed). There are no "plans" for BigTree as it's an open source platform and there is no official cloud hosted solution. It sounds like you need access to your host's MySQL and SFTP information which according to the footer of your website is likely https://www.fxdesigns.net/ — they'd also have more information about how they built the website.

#24 Re: Bug Reports » Form Builder Countable Error » November 18, 2019 10:06am

Hi Joe! I just noticed in your message that the error is in /templates/routed/btx-form-builder/ — that means it's a custom implementation of the form builder template and not the one that comes included in the extension (which would be in /extensions/com.fastspot.form-builder/templates/routed/btx-form-builder/).

I feel like I kind of remember fixing something similar to this in the main project a while back though — it might be counting errors in the $_SESSION variable when that isn't set yet?

#25 Re: Bug Reports » Form Builder Countable Error » November 17, 2019 3:49pm

Sorry for the delayed reply - I’ve been out of the states and without internet. I’ll take a look at this tonight or tomorrow and let you know my findings!

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