Video Field

A field type that allows a user to input a YouTube or Vimeo URL. The field will grab the video's thumbnail image and allow you to create thumbnails and crops as well as storing the service type, video ID, URL, and embed code.

Version 1.1 supports the YouTube v3 API. The v2 API which allowed non-authenticated calls has been turned off.

version 1.4.1

What's Included

A field type for accepting a YouTube or Vimeo URL and retrieving video information.

Developer Notes

Developers can setup crops and thumbnails for the video's preview image. The field type stores the service name, video id, duration, width, height, and preview image for the video.

You must setup the YouTube Service API in order to use this field type.


Release Notes

1.4.1 — this field type now has the latest features and fixes from the BigTree 4.4.6 release

1.4 no longer requires the YouTube API (though having it enabled gets you better image data).

1.3.4 fixes not being able to clear the value.

1.3.3 fixes video data loss when used in a callout or matrix and the entry was unchanged.

Current Version
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