Link Finder

A field type that allows a user to begin typing and find links to existing pages and files on the site through a search interface.

version 2.2

What's Included

A field type that enables your users to search for links to pages or file manager resources.

Developer Notes

No configuration options. Only searches files uploaded through the File Manager.

Release Notes


Fixed pasting a link with your mouse (or other non-keyboard method) not properly saving the link.


This version changes the dropdown from position: absolute to inline to fix some issues with its usage inside of matrix fields and callouts. It also hides the dropdown results when the field loses focus and no longer shows "No Results" when entering a full URL.


This version fixes a few bugs and introduces a placeholder that describes what was previously entered rather than the URL that was chosen. For example, if a user chooses a page from the results it will say "Page: Page Title" rather than the URL or "File: File Title" if they chose a file result. If a URL is manually entered that doesn't correspond to a page in the site, it will still show the URL they entered.

Current Version
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