Twitter and Facebook posts aren't the best way to make most announcements. We can point to release notes and forum posts but sometimes we just need a way to communicate in more depth. This blog will serve as a way to communicate and elicit feedback from the community. We're starting out with four categories of posts:

  • Release Announcements - News about the latest releases of BigTree and what they mean for you. These will include the generic release notes as well as explanations for any security issues that have been fixed and new features that have been added.
  • Site Spotlights - Highlighting great sites built on BigTree and the extensions and methodologies used to build them. We'd love for the developer community to get more exposure and will be looking for guest posts in this category.
  • Tutorials & How-To's - This category will cover how to do different things in BigTree and will include both video and written tutorials. These will end up cross-posted in the main tutorials section of the site and we'd love to have guest posts in this category.
  • General - Anything that doesn't fit into the other categories. This includes talking about community events, PHP in general, and plans for the future.