The BigTree 4.2.22 release introduces improved support for internal page links that contain GET variables or URL hashes (e.g. will properly encode as an IPL). Also improved in this release is publish hooks which now run when a user approves, archives, or features an item from a View.

Bug fixes in this release include:

  • Many warnings that showed in PHP 7.2 environments should now be resolved.
  • Deprecation and strict standards warnings in the Developer tab (and when using service APIs) should now be resolved.
  • CDN Domain usage that broke in the 4.2.21 release should now be fixed.
  • Cross-site scripting in the Users view by lower-level users (thanks CHYbeta and zhzzhz) should no longer be possible.
  • Deleting and replacing files from S3 when using subdomain or CDN-domain URLs should now work.
  • The PHP 5.4 requirement introduced in 4.2.20 release should be rolled back to PHP 5.3
  • Default configuration files should no longer throw notices related to multi-site config settings missing.
  • Form tabs (e.g. in Pages) should now properly switch to the proper tab when an error occurs in a different tab than the one you are currently on.
  • Deleting / replacing local files in the file manager when the current default storage is set to a cloud service should now work.
  • Database updates are now run without query logging enabled even if debug is on to help prevent out-of-memory errors.
  • Failed extension installs should no longer redirect back to the package install page
  • Manually creating a 301 should now work properly when an existing 404 with GET variables attached already exists.
  • Integrity check now properly identifies URLs from other domains in a multi-site configuration as being local.